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Leona recommendation: Ōmae Kenichi's "The Choice of the Last Fifty Years" A must-read for those who are lost in life!

In this video, Leona recommends the book "The Choice After 50" by Kenichi Ohmae, which provides insights on navigating through life's choices and career decisions, specifically for Japanese workers in their 20s and 30s who feel lost in their careers due to slow economic growth and emphasis on seniority. The book emphasizes the importance of career development and finding meaning in life beyond work and financial wealth. The speaker notes that successful business leaders all started their entrepreneurial journeys in their twenties, suggesting that having the entrepreneurial gene is essential to success. Additionally, the speaker discusses the importance of continuous self-improvement, particularly for individuals between 35 to 50 who have yet to reach the CEO level, facing challenges in keeping pace with their career progress and financial burden.




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