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3 Reasons Why You May Not Make Money Even If You Know The Bitcoin Trend

Recently, cryptocurrencies have been the subject of a number of lawsuits, with the CFTC suing Binance and its founder CZ, the SEC suing Justin Sun, and plans to file charges against Coinbase and Kraken for providing Staking Service. These charges have raised eyebrows, especially in light of the sudden increase in charges against cryptocurrencies in the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank debacle, which is surprising.

However, Bitcoin has been doing quite well recently, suggesting that confidence in cryptocurrencies has not been affected by the lawsuits. Bitcoin's history shows that it falls when interest rates are raised and rise when they are stopped. This has led to a growing belief in Bitcoin as a safe-haven asset.

Bitcoin has experienced many ups and downs over the past few years. Bitcoin reached a new peak in early 2021, but in the following months, its price dropped by almost 50%. However, the price of bitcoin is still higher than it has ever been, indicating growing confidence in bitcoin as an investment.

The number of large investors and giant whales holding Bitcoin has also been increasing. These people believe that Bitcoin is a long-term investment because its price will not be affected by government intervention. In addition, the supply of Bitcoin is fixed, which means it will not inflate like other currencies.

The success of Bitcoin has also inspired the development of other cryptocurrencies, such as Ether and Litecoin. The prices of these currencies are also increasing, which indicates that people's confidence in cryptocurrencies is growing.

However, there are still risks associated with cryptocurrencies. First, they are highly volatile, which means their prices can go up or down at any time. Second, the cryptocurrency market is not regulated, which makes investors vulnerable to fraud and hacking attacks. Finally, the use of cryptocurrencies is still limited, with only a few merchants currently accepting cryptocurrency payments.

All in all, the cryptocurrency market is undergoing dramatic changes. The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has maintained a strong upward momentum despite the impact of the charges against them. Investors need to be aware of the risks in the cryptocurrency market and be cautious with their investments.



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