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What applications will come from the combination of AI big data and blockchain? How to face Microsoft's OpenAI as Google is aging

In this interview, guest Terrence, founder of Forbole, shares his thoughts on technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. He believes that blockchain is the key to decentralization and privacy protection, while artificial intelligence can increase productivity and change the shape of some professions. He also shared his own experience with ChatGPT, and believes that advances in technology can change people's behavior and make some previously difficult problems easier to solve.

For example, the Dyson vacuum cleaner was launched in the early days, and although it was expensive, the advancement of technology has made people's lives more convenient. The same goes for ChatGPT, which can be used to help with tasks such as entering specific requests to list desired numbers in a file. For ChatGPT, the interviews suggest that it can help people do trivial tasks faster, thus giving people more time to do more valuable things.

As for the future view, technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence will make the world more decentralized and intelligent, and people's lives will become more convenient and efficient as a result. He hopes that he can continue to pay attention to and participate in the development of these technologies, and learn and grow in the process.



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