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Opportunities for this era - The establishment of The Hong Kong Web3.0 Association


The Hong Kong government has been actively promoting the development of the Web3 ecosystem, and the recent establishment of The Hong Kong Web3.0 Association by several fintech companies, industry leaders, and legislators in the innovation and technology field is a promising development. The Chief Executive of Hong Kong, John Lee, and representatives from the Hong Kong Liaison Office also attended the inauguration ceremony, showing the government's confidence and central government's support for the development of Web3 and the virtual industry.

At the inauguration ceremony, John Lee stated that Web3 plays a crucial role in the development of fintech, and he hopes that the association can work hand in hand with the government to seize the enormous opportunities brought by the development of Web3 and the virtual industry. He expressed his desire for Hong Kong to be more daring and to become a leader in this wave of innovation and hopes that the association can accelerate Hong Kong's innovation and financial development, attract more global talents and businesses, and jointly seize the huge opportunities brought by Web3.

Web3 may prove to be a valuable opportunity that the younger generation in Hong Kong will have in their life, and we should actively participate in this revolution and seize this opportunity. The current state of the Web3 field resembles a pre-1970s stock market, where prices fluctuated wildly and were in a high-risk position with very low regulation, but was also rife with opportunity. In the 1970s, the government took active measures to support the compliance of the stock market, which increased the stability and predictability of the market, attracting more investors to participate in the stock market, which in turn, promoted market activity and development.

Compliance also led to the rise of many financial institutions and new markets and in the early 1970s, many industries related to stocks such as stock exchanges, registration companies, and clearing organizations, experienced massive growth. These industries provided various professional services related to stock trading and investment and drove the growth of related industries, bringing opportunities to many businesses and individuals. Similarly, many financial institutions and investment companies have flourished in the Web3 field, providing various stock-related services such as securities brokerage, investment advisory, and market research. 

As we can see, the current state of the Web3 network has lots of potential. Web3 is a decentralized network ecosystem based on blockchain technology. The Hong Kong Web3.0 Association is also expected to collaborate with the government to promote regulatory measures that will ensure a healthy and compliant environment for businesses and investors in the Web3 industry.

Looking back at history, there was a time when the stock market was unregulated and risky. However, after the government implemented measures to promote compliance and transparency in the stock market, it led to increased investor confidence and market stability. This, in turn, attracted more investors and fueled the growth and development of the stock market in the early 1970s. Similarly, the Web3 industry is expected to see growth and development as regulatory measures are put in place to promote compliance and transparency.

Currently, the Web3 domain is full of business opportunities. Web3 is a decentralized network ecosystem based on blockchain technology, covering multiple fields such as virtual assets, decentralized finance (DeFi), cryptocurrency, digital identity, and more. With the development and popularization of Web3 technology, many enterprises and projects have emerged, bringing unlimited business opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs.

I strongly recommend that everyone seize this opportunity. Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, or even just a blue-collar worker, everyone has the same starting line in the Web3 ecosystem. As long as you want to participate, there are massive free online resources about Web3 knowledge, and with AI tools like ChatGPT, you can learn about blockchain, virtual currency, and other related knowledge anytime, anywhere, and understand their operating principles and application scenarios. The Web3 ecosystem is about to reach a historic milestone. Are you ready?


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