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OpenAI CEO uses ChatGPT fame to push his own project WorldCoin

Sam Altman's cryptocurrency project, Worldcoin, immediately sparked conversation upon its launch. With Altman's reputation and influence as CEO of OpenAI, he was able to attract a lot of attention and investment for the project, and successfully transform the hype into actual funding.

Altman's role as CEO of OpenAI has given him significant influence in the AI and tech investment fields. Although he is not the founder of ChatGPT and is technically just a senior employee, ChatGPT's fame and influence undoubtedly facilitated Altman's promotion of the Worldcoin project and increased investor acceptance compared to a typical project.

Worldcoin's goal is to establish an identity and financial network connecting billions of people in the AI era. This vision aligns well with Altman's work philosophy at OpenAI and demonstrates his ambitious desire to create a new financial system.

Worldcoin's "sticker effect" from ChatGPT is one attraction, and its unique distribution method is another. Users can receive 25 $WLD airdrops simply by undergoing iris scan authentication. This innovative approach not only enables Worldcoin to quickly attract a large number of users, but also opens up a new user market.

According to data from the on-chain analysis platform Dune Analytics, the number of $WLD claimed has exceeded 64.9 million, with 257,205 participating addresses. In addition, the number of registrations for the WorldApp wallet has rapidly climbed to nearly one million.

The speed at which Worldcoin was listed on major exchanges is also remarkable, and this is due to the skilled market-making team that was able to capture the project's global launch moment and drive up the price before airdrop recipients could cash out.

It is worth noting that Worldcoin's market capitalization was once on par with that of OpenAI, but its fully diluted valuation has now reached $24 billion while the current price is $2.28. Whether this market capitalization can be sustained remains to be seen.

Overall, Sam Altman was able to successfully launch the Worldcoin cryptocurrency project with the help of his reputation at OpenAI and transform the hype into funding. However, the project's technology seems to have little connection to OpenAI, so further observation and validation are needed to determine whether it can continue to grow in the future.


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