Blockchain Business Case - eCommerce

Leverage Smart Contract to Simplify Settlement

How can your business apply blockchain?

Suitable for any businessFrom Web2 to Web3Professional blockchain teamTackle business pain pointExpand market & revenue stream
Traditional eCommerceBlockchain eCommerce
Merchants’ identity checking is prone to human errorMerchant identity verified through web3 login
High overseas remittance and bank transfer feeReducing overseas remittance fee by 99%
bank transfer in at least 2 working daysInstant bank transfer

With 20+ years experience, UD is a leading blockchain and security solutions provider in Hong Kong, our team of professional experts provides a diverse array of one-stop solutions and consulting services

Founder of UD, To Cheung also started a YouTube channel “Fintech Dark War” in 2020, to explore everything in blockchain and fintech with audience

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