UD Offer

UBonus Scheme

To express our thanks to our valued customers, your spending in UD may get you a series of value-added services for FREE!

From now on, every HK$1 spending in UD, you will get 1 UBonus point. The more you spend, the more points you will get. Points can be redeemed for UD's value-added services for FREE! What's more, they have perpetual validity! ACT NOW! Come and redeem your FREE service!

Redemption Chart

Redemption ItemsOfficial ChargesPoints required (1st year)Points required (Renew)
SSL-VPN Service for 1 YearHK$1,200 – HK$1,6806,00012,000
Anti-Spam for 1 YearHK$7206,00012,000
1Smart DNS for 1 YearHK$720 – HK$3,0006,00012,000
1SMTP 1025 for 1 YearHK$6006,00012,000
Catch Function for 1 YearHK$1,20010,00020,000
MySQL Database (Linux Platform)HK$6008,00016,000
MSSQL Database (Windows Platform)HK$120010,00020,000
Domain Pointer Service / Add Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) / Add SPF recordHK$6005,00010,000
Private Domain / Domain Proxy FeeHK$2005,00010,000
Sub-domain (With Separate FTP Access)HK$3405,00010,000
Additional 5 Email Quota for 1 YearHK$6005,00010,000
Additional Email Storage (500MB per 1 email account)HK$2405,00010,000
Additional 1GB Web / Database Storage for 1 YearHK$6005,00010,000
Additional 5GB Data Transfer for 1 YearHK$1,2006,00012,000
SSL Cert. Setup ChargeHK$1,0008,000-
Backup Restoration Charge / One-off Domain Transfer Fee / Change Domain Name & Retain Existing Hosting / Setup Reverse DNS / Log File Retrieval (Per Item)HK$5005,000-
Account Re-open Charge / Downgrade Charge / Change Hosting Platform / Storage re-allocation / Domain Certificate / .hk Domain Restore FeeHK$3005,000-
2One off HK$200 DiscountHK$20030,000-
2One off HK$500 DiscountHK$50070,000-
2One off HK$1000 DiscountHK$1,000120,000-

1If SMTP service is already applied, Smart DNS service cannot be redeemed, and vice versa.
2One off cash discounts can only be used once for each invoice and cannot be redeemed for Search Marketing Advertising services.

To check the number of points in your account or further information, simply call our hotline (852) 2554 7545 or email to service@ud.hk .

To enjoy our free service, please fill in the redemption form and fax it to (852) 2554 7215 or email to service@ud.hk . We can process your request as soon as possible. The form can be downloaded from the links below:
UBonus Redemption Form (pdf format)
UBonus Redemption Form (word format)

Terms and Conditions:

  • UBonus scheme is effective from 10 May 2006. It is applicable to customers patronizing services of UDomain Web Hosting Co Ltd (“UDomain”) (excluding Search Marketing Advertising services). HK$1 spending will be entitled to 1 UBonus point (“points”). Points can be redeemed 30 days AFTER an invoice is settled. Points can be accumulated for all previous eligible PAID invoices under the same account without expiry.
  • All outstanding points of inactive customers who no longer hold any valid active accounts or orders will be forfeited.
  • Points accrued and items redeemed cannot be exchanged for cash, other products, services or discounts. Points cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion offers. Points cannot be transferred or combined with other customers or different accounts under the same customer.
  • Each redemption item can only be redeemed once per domain AND cannot be redeemed if the domain is currently using the concerned products / services.
  • Points can be redeemed for redemption items as made available by UDomain from time to time. UDomain reserves the final rights of decision in case of any disputes.
  • Customers must fill in this Redemption Form in order to redeem items. Items redeemed are irrevocable and cannot be altered or cancelled.
  • All points accrued and requested for redemption are subject to the final approval of UDomain.
  • UDomain reserves the rights to publicize in marketing materials of UDomain the names of parties who redeem items upon the mutual agreement of the parties involved.
  • Information collected in this scheme is for verification only and will not be disclosed to any third parties or used for other purposes. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall apply and prevail.