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【Fintech Dark War】The bear market is not over yet! Consider liquidity when investing

How should you allocate your assets in a bear market? Most people's answer would be "cash is king", but for me, when the market performance is poor, liquidity of assets is my priority. Many investment products such as overseas property, alcoholic beverage, tea, etc. are things with low liquidity; Stocks, gold and cryptocurrencies are categorized as things with high liquidity; The collapse of LUNA seems to be over, but it does not mean that the bear market is over, because there are still many potential risks, what are they?

Highlights of this episode:
-What is liquidity?
-Things to consider when buying a property
-Liquidity of tea, wine, watches and artworks
-Liquidity of NFT
-Something with high liquidity
-Current hidden worries



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