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【Fintech Dark War】See Terra2.0 LUNC Airdrop details and eligibility! Calculation method and registration DEMO!

Terra2.0 LUNC airdrop has released the latest details, it is simple and easy to get the airdrop. In this episode, we will demonstrate the method of calculating the quantity of airdrops and how to get it. We also talk about the impact and Inspiration of this Terra incident on the cryptocurrency market. Many projects have been affected and aborted, and how will crypto project be developed in the future? How to distinguish whether the project is worth investing?

Highlights of this episode:
-Terra2.0 LUNC airdrop details and eligibility
-See one's ability in times of adversity; See one's character in good times
-Investors lack confidence in cryptocurrency market
-Decentralized technology is questioned
-Osmosis has loopholes that allow people to make big money legally
-Don't borrow money, don't leverage
-Calculation method of Terra2.0 LUNC airdrop number
-Terra station has sent airdrop




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