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【Fintech Dark War】Entrepreneur Greg Song shares personal crypto asset allocation! What are the attitude and views of the British on the crypto market?

Greg Song is invited as a guest in this episode. Greg is an entrepreneur who founded social media aNobii, an online bookcase type social networking site, which is a great success. Greg has invested in cryptocurrency, holding mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum. What is his personal asset allocation? Having lived in the UK for two years, Greg also shared how British's view on the cryptocurrency market.

Highlights of this episode:
-Greg recalls the reason why he learnt about cryptocurrency
-What is web1.0/2.0/3.0?
-A brief introduction to aNobii
-One of the benefits of blockchain is that there is decentralized
-Why are you attracted by blockchain?
-What are the attitudes and views of the British on the cryptocurrency market?
-How can people access and participate in investing cryptocurrency?
-Greg shares personal cryptocurrency asset allocation



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