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【Fintech Dark War】Cheung To's Investment Diary - Experiment result announcement! Do Kwon, founder of Terra Luna, announced that Meme coin will be launched with airdrop?!

The finale of Cheung To's Investment Diary! I have used three different investment methods to measure their performance in the last month to see which investment method has the highest return. The top one goes to the first investment method, dollar cost averaging (DCA). Of course, the least impressive performance came from the third method- purchasing financial products through Osmosis, with a loss of more than half of the principal.

In this episode, we also talked about the latest news from Do Kwon, founder of Terra Luna. According to his tweet, he first admitted the failure of UST, but it doesn't mean that he will withdraw from the cryptocurrency world. What does it imply?  


Highlights of this episode:
-The founder of Terra Luna proposed a solution
-CRO incident
-Centralization and decentralization have their own advantages and disadvantages
-Cheung To's Investment Diary - Experiment result announced



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