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【Fintech Dark War】Blockchain security you need to know! Gadget that helps find out the best RPC | Beware of three major security loopholes!

Everyone needs to know about the security issues on blockchain. Everyone shoudl take good care of their cryptocurrency and digital assets to avoid being stolen. The safest way is to put them in wallet. For the development of regional tourism projects, how should we prevent the common security loopholes?

Highlights of this episode: 
-Why there is negative news in the market? 
-Personal security issues and prevention measures 
-Fraud appear on Celsius
-What are the security issues faced by the development team of blockchain projects. 
-What is RPC on blockchain? 
-Demo of how to switch RPC via chainlist.org  
-Challenge of blockchain security
-Three major loopholes in security: poor server configuration leading to RPC attacks, development team internal management problems, and business logic loopholes
-How UD blockchain audit services safeguard your projects
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As a network security management service provider (MSSP), UD provides comprehensive blockchain security services, customizes the overall network security management for you, and guards your blockchain project all rounded to ensure the smooth development of the project.

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