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Turning NFT into an ad that can't be rejected? The New Trend of Digital Marketing in 2023 - Yacht Industry Case Studies

In recent years, there are new promotion methods using blockchain, specifically, the use of NFT for promotion, for example, in the Christmas season just passed, we helped guests to make some NFT Christmas cards.

Although most of the past year NFT is negative news because NFT caused losses are really quite a lot of people, not to mention NFT, in the past you have investments, the chance of losing money is very high.

How to use NFT technology to find potential customers? That is, for example, if my company launched Christmas cards, New Year's cards, in addition to giving customers, but also hope to give some people with NFT so that they know the company's services, you can accurately put to their wallets.

Much like some postal advertising decades ago, sending letters to your home, or like Email Marketing, but with NFT for Christmas cards, New Year's cards, or any promotional materials. The one difference is that they have to see it, and the email can be deleted, but as long as the customer will open his wallet, he will see the NFT in the air.




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