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Shanghai upgrade will unlock 16 million Ether coins! How big is the selling pressure? How to make money in Lido?

Shanghai upgrade will unlock 16 million Ether coins. The market is worried that the selling pressure is too high and the price of Ether will drop. The verifier is down to 3% of APR from more than 10% two years ago. Will the verifier opt out?

The price of bitcoin was back to where it was before the FTX debacle. But the Ether price doesn't seem to catch up with Bitcoin's rise. In January, Ether announced it would be doing a Shanghai upgrade in March. After the announcement, the price of Ether fell from 0.07 to 0.067 in January, a drop of more than 10% compared to Bitcoin. What does it have to do with us? Today, I would like to discuss this video with you in detail.


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