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Cyber Threats Happens Everyday Avoid Them in 3 Ways


Security incidents in Hong Kong are on the uptrend. According to the data of the Hong Kong Security Watch Report (second quarter) from HKCERT, single network security incidents reached a 94% quarter-on-quarter increase.

(Source : HKCERT)


The number of websites involved in phishing attacks increased by 524% in this quarter, from 806 (first quarter) to 5,033 (second quarter).

(Source : HKCERT)


According to HKCERT, the phishing attacks of banks and the Consumption Voucher Scheme are rising, and most phishing websites are using similar websites. They were set up by automated tools to attack in a short time.

The most popular trick used by hackers were phishing attacks through SMS, by spreading fake websites (including counterfeiting websites, such as cryptocurrency exchange, DEX) to get victims’ personal information.

Encountering frequent phishing attacks, UD recommends users paying attention to the following points when receiving email, SMS or social media hyperlinks to avoid being hacked!


Find out three ways below to avoid cyber threats!


1. Confirm the sender of the email is from the official company domain name, for example, the sender should be “udomain.com” instead of “ud0main.com”

2. If the email contains links, you can place your mouse on the links and compare the landing page with email content

3. Links involve payment procedures need to be noted and alerted


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