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$0.22 The man who invested in SOL, Terence Lam|Forbole's Before & After

We invited Terence Lam, the founder of Forbole, to discuss news and views on the cryptocurrency world. He had invested in SOL in the early days and now he has made tens of times more money. The performance of SOL is average now, but Terence explained that Web3 projects should not only be looked at the chart, but also the essence.

Terence also shared his experience of investing in SOL, when they were approached by Solana to be the Validators of testnet and were invited to invest in SOL, Terence and his partner did not have much money at that time, but they expressed their strong desire to join and eventually became one of the investors in SOL. They also met with Anatoly, the founder of Solana, and succeeded in convincing other Validators to invest in SOL.



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