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To Cheung new book debuted - “Fin-Tech Talk- The future of cryptocurrency investment”

Hanjin, Ko Kin, Calvin Choi, Leona Wong, Allan Au and Chapman To highly recommended!

Nowadays, there is a war between decentralized blockchain technology and the traditional centralized financial system. To Cheung, a cryptocurrency expert, in his new book, predicts that no matter how fluctuating  the cryptocurrency market is, and whether the policy is further tightened, decentralization will become the trend in the future! 

In “Fin-Tech Talk- The future of cryptocurrency investment”, To Cheung explains in detail each valuable cryptocurrency and the concepts behind them; he also shares insight into flexible strategies for investing on-chain financial products, analyzes market opportunities, and shares more tips on investing cryptocurrencies with values. 


Join To Cheung at the Greet and Meet Activity @ Hong Kong Book Fair 2022 !

Date: 25 July 2022
Time: 18:30 - 19:00 
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 1, 1B-A16





The first asian musician who issued NFT

The most precious talent today is possibly the ability to communicate effectively. Effectively and efficiently. I find myself drawn to people who can present complicated concepts clearly and simply. Cheung To is the master of this.

I have known Cheung To for the longest time but it was my recent obsession with NFTs and the blockchain that really drew us close. Truth be told, we share the same birthday (coincidentally the same birthday as Mozart, lol). He has given me much insight into the wisdom of simplicity and that at the core of everything is always people. 

Cheung To’s eloquence is deceptively discreet and subtle. He is a great listener and has a healthy balance of thought versus action. He is conservative but forward thinking. In these aspects, I’m constantly trying to mimic him. My conversations with him are ever so meaningful. 

I have no doubt that this book will speak to even the least curious of beginners. I’m always keen to hear what he has to say on any development on the blockchain and internet technology. 


Read more forewords in Chinese here.


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