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3 Factors To Select Flexible Bandwidth UD Helps You Empower Your Business


High-Quality Bandwidth Is Essential

In recent years, more enterprises have realized the importance of online business. However, some of them may overlook the importance of network bandwidth quality. Selecting a proper supplier requires effort in comparison to different options. Network bandwidth is paramount for business stability. How can a business not miss out on the most appropriate network bandwidth plan among different options? How can a business determine the stability of the bandwidth and its plans’ flexibility? Let's dive into them!


1. Why Should the bandwidth selection be flexible?

The bandwidth usage should be selected by the user. The Hong Kong International Internet eXchange (HKIX) is where 99% of Hong Kong's Internet messages are exchanged and transmitted. However, they provide only 1, 10, 100Gb bandwidth options directly connecting SMEs to HKIX. Excess bandwidth usage leads to higher enterprise cost expenditure. UD's institutional grade infrastructure is able to provide flexible and custom bandwidth usage planning options. In addition to improving bandwidth flexibility, services can also reduce network setup costs. Business online activities can be handled at the most appropriate price.


2. Simpler Application Procedures, Reduce Time Costs

The application process of the network connection to Hong Kong Internet eXchange (HKIX) in the market usually is known as complicated. UD provides one-stop services to cater customers’ needs, and takes care of the process from scratch, connecting the network to the HKIX. In this way, Businesses can focus on business activities while UD saves you all the complicated procedures and immense application and setup time.


3. The Importance Of 7x24 Technical Support And Stability Of The Bandwidth

Emergency support is always highly concerned for enterprises. UD offers a round-the-clock professional team supporting service which is committed to solving your network problems, especially for businesses running 24/7. With UD’s institutional-grade infrastructure, a high level of network stability is guaranteed, enabling an obstacle-free business network and achieving greater business success!


Advantages of choosing UD Bandwidth Solution

UD has always been optimizing our bandwidth and network structure, achieving 100Gb+ local bandwidth directly connected to the Hong Kong Networking eXchange (HKIX). While maintaining network stability with high redundancy, UD is 99.99% online and strives to provide the most flexible, time-saving, and best-quality bandwidth to enterprises. Our professional CDN team is always at your service.


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