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U.S. House of Representatives established a working group focused on AI

The New Democrat Coalition (NDC) of the United States House of Representatives announced the establishment of a working group focused on artificial intelligence (AI) on August 15th. The goal of this initiative is to introduce new legislation to address the challenges and opportunities presented by this emerging tech field.

Comprised of 97 Democratic members of Congress, the NDC unveiled this AI working group with the intent to collaborate with President Joe Biden's administration, stakeholders, and legislators from both political spectrums. Their aim is to craft a series of "wise and bipartisan policies" to respond to the rapid developments in this emerging technology.

The AI working group will delve into various topics, including harnessing AI for economic growth while ensuring that workers impacted by AI can continue to remain employed. Striking this balance is crucial in today's swiftly changing technological landscape.

Representative Derek Kilmer will serve as the chair of the AI working group. In a recent interview with CNBC, Kilmer highlighted that combatting the spread of misinformation, especially in relation to the proliferation of hyper-realistic AI-generated deepfakes, is a primary concern for the working group. He emphasized that this necessitates Congress to act "smart and fast" to tackle challenges in this digital age.

In May, Vice President Kamala Harris, along with senior advisors from the Biden administration, met with CEOs from the AI industry to discuss risks associated with AI and responsible technology deployment.

This move aligns with President Biden's stance. As in June, he hosted a meeting with AI experts in Silicon Valley to engage in in-depth discussions on AI trends, policies, and regulations.

The establishment of the AI working group by Democratic representatives reflects the US government's keen interest and active involvement in technological advancements. In all emerging fields, policymakers, industry experts, and society at large need to collaborate to ensure that technology's development aligns with the public's interest and fosters long-term sustainable progress. Through collaboration with stakeholders, the AI working group aims to formulate prudent, bipartisan policies to address the challenges AI presents, foster technological innovation, and ensure that everyone in society benefits from technological progress.


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