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UK's $130 Million Investment Fuels AI Tech Hub Aspirations

With the goal of establishing the country as an AI technology hub, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak plans to invest $130 million (approximately £100 million) to purchase computer chips to provide the computational power needed for artificial intelligence. This move has garnered widespread attention amidst the global chip shortage and intense competition for computing power.

Reportedly, the British government is sourcing chips from manufacturers including NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD. It's understood that the science funding body, UK Research and Innovation, which is leading the effort of this plan, is in the final stages of ordering 5,000 NVIDIA graphic processing units (GPUs).

However, despite $130 million sounding substantial, the funds are reportedly deemed insufficient to match Sunak's ambition for an AI hub. This implies that government officials might exert pressure for more funding at the upcoming November AI safety summit, highlighting the urgency for adequate investment.

As early as March, an independent review of the country's AI computing capabilities revealed that investment in this realm was "seriously lagging" behind international counterparts like the United States and the European Union. Researchers had access to fewer than 1,000 NVIDIA chips for training AI models. A panel recommended that the UK needs at least 3,000 high-quality chips to meet immediate demands.

According to S&P Global's global AI trend report published on August 6th, many companies reported they were not ready to support AI due to insufficient computing power, data management challenges, and security concerns. Therefore, the UK government's action could set an example for these companies, encouraging them to invest in and adopt this new technology.

This investment demonstrates the UK's determination to secure a leading position in the global AI landscape, fostering technological development and innovation in the country. With the advancement of technology, AI is poised to bring significant transformation across various industries, and this move by the UK government will provide both domestic and international businesses with more opportunities for investment and growth.

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