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Revealing the Hazards of AI: UD Ensures Your Secure Handling of AI Technology

In today's increasingly digital and technology-driven world, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is becoming a core component across various industries. As AI technology rapidly advances, the demand for AI Software as a Service (SAAS) products is also on the rise. Some companies even developed different APIs and mobile apps to allow users from regions unable to access ChatGPT to experience AI products. While the benefits of such endeavours are apparent, people often focus solely on whether the functions meet their needs, and overlook issues such as data leaks and other privacy and security concerns when choosing AI products.


Earlier this year, the world AI industry leader, NVIDIA, released an AI development system called the "MeMo Framework." Yet, as reported by the Financial Times in June 2023, researchers at Robust Intelligence in San Francisco found that they could easily breach the so-called safeguards put in place to ensure the safe use of the AI system. Furthermore, reports from Forbes and The Wall Street Journal have indicated that major banks like Citi, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs, along with tech giants including Apple, Samsung, and Amazon, have banned or restricted their employees from using third-party AI products like ChatGPT and Github's Copilot, underscoring the security concerns even among global leaders and tech giants.


In fact, the application of AI technology is not uncommon among businesses in Hong Kong. A market leader in the aviation industry recently procured an AI chatbot for internal use by its staff. The AI is powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI and can respond to inquiries based on information uploaded by the client. Given the sensitive nature of the information involved, the client reached out to UD's expert team for a code review and security testing to ensure safe and secure usage of the AI product by their employees.


Since the usage of unsecured AI products can lead to serious problems, including data leaks and PR crises that can significantly impact a company's reputation, code review and audit are necessary steps for any company to safely utilize AI products. In this era full of challenges and opportunities, UD is dedicated to providing you with secure and reliable AI solutions, helping your business succeed in the digital transformation journey. Our professional team offers comprehensive support, ensuring your AI applications are both functional and secure, adding greater value to your business. Let's work together to establish a secure and reliable AI future!


As your trusted partner, UD understands the importance of AI security. Whether you're exploring UD Private Mini AI with dedicated servers or conducting security assessments for your existing AI products, our expert team is ready to provide solutions, ensuring your business can use AI with confidence. Contact our expert team now to tailor an exclusive AI solution for your enterprise!


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