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NFT Case Study: John Tsang Launches Choi Yeah NFT To Promote Brand

Marketing is one of the most important tactics for many enterprises to boost sales. There is an diverse array of marketing strategies: advertising on different platforms, collaborating with celebrities as spokespersons, and hosting events... But the common goal is raising the popularity of the brand, attracting more new customers and improving the brand image to build customer loyalty. But in web3, the most effective promotion tool is no longer be advertisement and discount promotion, but NFT.

Recently, former Financial Secretary John Tsang has announced the launch of "Choi yeah" NFT on his social platform, and he will be joining the advisory committee of an intelligent wealth management platform "StashAway"; Followed by StashAway’s announcement of its plan to send Choi yeah NFT to designated new customers. How does this NFT projects achieve the goals?

This article is available in Chinese only. Click to read full story.



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