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The Importance of Regular Penetration Testing


Why is regular and comprehensive penetration testing crucial for all businesses, especially e-commerce platforms?

Recently, Honda has discovered a security vulnerability in its e-commerce platform. Due to an API flaw, the website allowed arbitrary password resets. This could potentially grant hackers access to a wealth of customer data, order details, financial information, and more. 

In fact, during past penetration tests, UD often identified access control flaws, such as ordinary users gaining access to administrator operations or resetting administrator accounts.

With hacking techniques and new vulnerabilities emerging daily, systems undergoing constant changes and updates, and the proliferation of APIs due to extensive app development, regular penetration testing becomes paramount. 

Penetration testing simulates real attacks in advance, evaluating applications from various angles to uncover vulnerabilities that other security measures might overlook. It identifies weaknesses before malicious actors can exploit them, allowing for swift remediation. Frequent testing helps identify risks during code evolution, requiring multiple tests each year.

Don't wait for an attack to take action. UD's Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS) offers regular penetration testing at reasonable costs, ensuring your network security meets enterprise standards.


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