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Trump cryptocurrency wallet accidentally exposed


The recent discovery of former US President Trump's cryptocurrency wallet address has revealed that he holds a significantly larger amount of cryptocurrency than previously known.



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According to the latest publicly available documents, Trump currently holds approximately $2.8 million worth of Ether in a cryptocurrency wallet. Last year, he launched a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to official documents received by the Washington Accountability and Ethics Organization, Trump disclosed in his financial statement for early August this year that he holds approximately $2.8 million worth of cryptocurrency in his wallet. Additionally, the total authorization fees for his NFT series amounted to $4.87 million.

According to the cryptocurrency analysis platform Arkham, the wallet address associated with Trump is 0x94845333028B1204Fbe14E1278Fd4Adde46B22ce, as indicated by Trump's financial report from August 14, 2023. This is likely Trump's wallet address.

The contents of Trump's cryptocurrency wallet include the following items:

  • Ethereum: 1,535 ETH (worth $2.8 million)
  • Wrapped Ethereum: 15.93 WETH (worth $29,040)
  • Polygon: 3,434 MATIC (worth $2,160)
  • StrikeX: 1,000 STRX (worth $27, which may have gained attention due to recent transfers by users)
  • USDC: 12.65 USDC

This new discovery shows that Trump's investment in cryptocurrency exceeds his previous declarations. Earlier, according to government documents from April, Trump disclosed holding digital assets worth up to $500,000.

During his presidency, Trump had expressed skepticism towards cryptocurrency. However, last year, he launched an NFT project called "Trump Digital Collectible Card" featuring his own image. In April of this year, he launched a second series of collectibles, both of which sold out quickly.

This news comes at a time when cryptocurrency has become a part of the US political agenda, with candidates preparing for the 2024 presidential elections. Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has admitted to holding Bitcoin and has stated that if elected, he would support the US dollar with Bitcoin and exempt the token from capital gains tax. Florida Governor Robert DeSantis is one of the leading Republican candidates, lagging behind Trump in early polls. He has promised to ban central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) if elected president.

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