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NFToday Establishes Web3 E-commerce Model To Build Sustainable Art World In The Metaverse

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NFToday is an online platform where artists are able to showcase and sell their digital arts (NFTs) to buyers and collectors. UD provides full business and technical support to NFToday in the entire business transformation. It has launched BIBO NFT to attract more artists to co-create digital art, as well as hosting various live events in the metaverse with an aim to build a balanced and sustainable NFT art ecosystem. BIBO become a popular brand in the Metaverse and introduce ample opportunities for the future of art.

Client background





E-commerce / Art

One-stop NFT and Metaverse solution

Add value to creativity, connect to the art world in the metaverse


“Turning NFT into physical products is adding more value to digital arts. Kudos to UD professional team who helps us to achieve our vision and brings our ideas of developing an art world in the metaverse to life.”

Andy, founder of NFToday


icon  Build BIBO NFT brand and art community

NFToday issues BIBO NFT of which holders can enjoy privileges, such as getting artists-collaborated NFT, getting whitelist, enjoying 15%off discount at NFTstore and Today Token airdrop. This business model has successfully gathered artists from around the globe to collaborate and build BIBO NFT as a pioneer brand in the metaverse.

icon  Establish web 3 e-commerce model, being the leader of the industry

NFToday has built the next generation of e-shop in web3 with the initiative to incorporate NFT into physical merchandise for sales. In addition, through issuing Today Token, NFToday has established its own tokenomics that generate new income stream as well as creating a art business ecosystem for sustainable development.

icon  Offer innovative Metaverse experience, continuing business expansion

NFToday has tapped into the metaverse with the establishment of event venue. NFToday host various kind of metaverse events to engage its members, as an effective way to further promote the brand.

“Turning NFT in to physical merchandise, building NFT brands, hosting metaverse events, agglomeration of targeted audience, UD blockchain solution brings your ideas to life.”

Key to success


Team of blockchain business experts

Create the most favourable business model

E-commerce is facing a challenging business environment, business transformation is the way to open up new markets. The expert team led by To Cheung, UD founder and cryptocurrency investor, has rich background of blockchain technology, as well as extensive experience in implementing tokenization and tokenomics of different scales. We also have deep understanding of NFT market. Therefore, we can help NFToday to build a new holistic business model with tokenomics, and successfully help them transform from web2 to web3 to obtain the maximum profit.


One-stop NFT and Metaverse solution

From zero to hero, realises client’s vision

UD team consists of cryptocurrency consultants, blockchain technology developers, network security experts, creative designers, etc. This project starts from scratch, from consultation, planning, design, development to deployment, the team works closely to deliver the best services. NFToday has successfully realised its vision of tapping in to the Metaverse for business development; through turning NFT into merchandise and building NFT brands, adding values to NFTs and artworks. As a result, NFToday has brought its art business to the next level, exposed to ample business opportunities.


All-round technical support

Well-developed and safe deployment

The NFToday project involves a number of new Web3 technologies, including the creation of NFT mint page, issuing NFT and tokens, and the set-up of a stage in the metaverse. The applications on blockchain and the metaverse involves the usage of smart contract. During the development process, our experts ensure that the business logic of smart contracts is feasible. Moreover, our security experts ensure that loopholes are cleared, so the project can be implemented smoothly.

UD Blockchain Development Solution


NFT Collection- Bibo


NFT Market



Issue NFT collection

  • .NFT membership
  • .Mint NFT page
  • .Air Drop
  • .Discord community

Custom NFT Marketplace

  • .Artists collaboration
  • .Revenue model & royalities
  • .Smart contract business logic

Metaverse Live Event

  • .Decentraland Venue
  • .NFT Ticket
  • .Video streaming
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