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GameFi Solutions for Web3
Next Era of Gaming Economics

Game Finance (GameFi) Solutions

Next Era of Gaming Economics through variation of GameFi solutions

UD's one-stop solution: includes game design, tokenomics design and business model, client & server development, and blockchain security. We prepare game projects to transform and develop as Web3 ready and for Gamefi transformation.

Compared to the traditional game industry, Web3 GameFi is an emerging Industry. Grab the new Web3 opportunities and market with UD, the experienced blockchain and game developer. Consult our experts today.

Subvert the traditional game industry to Web3 GameFi
  • Transparent tokenomics
  • Sustainable development
  • Community contribute
  • Secure and tamper proof
  • Lower operation cost with UD BaaS
  • Lower storage cost with UD IPFS
  • Worldwide

UD Your Trusted Blockchain Solution Partner
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UD GameFi Solutions
Game Server and Blockchain Node Hosting
Best Hosting for GameFi Protocol and Platform
As a BaaS provider, we offer institutional-grade infrastructure with a global low-latency network (Global CDN & CTGNET GIA). Our data center is located in over 10 countries, which helps gamers to get a better route from a device to a game server.
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GameFi Application Development
Alter traditional game to GameFi
  • Define Game Ideas & Play-to-Earn Business Model
  • In-game assets graphic design and NFT design
  • One-stop GameFi Development (Game / DEX / Smart Contract)
  • Metaverse, Sandbox, RPG, FPS and more!
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Why is GameFi so important to you?

The total market cap of GameFi has climbed to US$55.38B as of Feb 2022. 81% of gaming population haven’t tried GameFi and Web3 Gamers have stronger in-game purchase power, proved that there is massive potential market growth.
Start or transform games into the Web 3 market to capture epic revenue gain

Source The Global Web3 Gamer StudyGameFi: Past, Present, and Future Report (2022Feb)
Web3 GameFi vs Traditional Gaming
Enter emerging Web3 GameFi industry instead of saturated traditional gaming industry
Benefits to transform you and your gamers from traditional gaming to Web3 GameFi
Web3 GameFiTraditional Gaming
Market StatusEmerging MarketSaturated Market
Growth RateHigherLower
Initial InvestmentLower investment cost, Higher investment returnHigher investment cost, Lower investment return
Payback PeriodShorter payback period, Lower opportunity costLonger payback period, Higher opportunity cost
Consumer BehaviorPlay-to-EarnPay-to-Win
Source: The Global Web3 Gamer Study, GameFi: Past, Present, and Future Report (2022Feb),Newzoo Global Games Market Report 2021,DDM Games Investment Review Report 2021
Popular GameFi projects in Web3
Why UD?
We help to build your own GameFi application, even a Metaverse. We cover game design, tokenomics design and business model, client & server development to security. Our expertise will choose the most appropriate solution based on your business needs.
Experienced GameFi & DeFi Development
From GameFi projects to DeFi platforms, UD has been providing experienced and reliable development services for years, is the best option for you to build GameFi projects. UD one-stop solution helps you build GameFi from a game application, DEX, and smart contract.
No restrictions on game types
Covering Metaverse, Sandbox, RPG, FPS, Puzzle, even is exercise game.
In-game assets’ graphic design and NFT design
UD provides 3D or 2D assets’ design service, and, also, we provide NFT art design service.
Institutional Grade BaaS & Game Server Hosting
As a BaaS provider, we offer institutional-grade infrastructure with a global low-latency network (Global CDN & CTGNET GIA). Our data center locations in over 10 countries help gamers to get a better route from a device to a game server.
GameFi Security
Apart from infrastructure with finance-grade security, UD also offers 24x7 fully managed blockchain security services featuring both traditional and blockchain-based security controls, covering regular scanning and penetration testing. We have protection covering all layers of the technology stack for your GameFi projects, protocols or platform.
Our team of blockchain expertise include full stack developers, engineering and business development experts who came from the financial sectors, and are experienced in building different GameFi projects. Focused on both infrastructure building and application development, we are here to help you adopt changes in this ever-changing blockchain world and embrace all the business opportunities and unlock the potential.

UD Blockchain, your GameFi Expertise

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